@DeeLite: i dont know, this is where i am down with Mendelsohn's critique: except I'd say it's more about Mad Men allowing *viewers* to have our cake and eat it too. in what way is Mad Men, as @monafolana says, producing a fantasy of a "comfy cozy world that was safe and secure, before there were black people in… » 2/03/11 8:29pm 2/03/11 8:29pm

@NeilandVoid: i'm with you on the continuity in Aronofsky's work. but i come to the opposite conclusion. i'm not that interested in yet another descent into madness a la Requiem, or descent into physical/emotional self-destruction (also a la Requiem). i haven't seen the Wrestler either, for the same reason i probably… » 12/06/10 12:43pm 12/06/10 12:43pm

@bubbly*pop: Vogue has been, and always will be, a very particular publication with a very specific market/audience. It is not the Democratic Party, nor a not-for-profit feminist publication. Let's keep it real: Vogue has potential to lead the marketplace of fashion editorial with more progressive trend-setting, but… » 7/23/10 2:35pm 7/23/10 2:35pm

@zu_zu: also (and i worked in modeling agencies for a while in the late 90s): personality. what is "beautiful" if not a sense of how an attractive person relates to you, to their own body? i represented young women ("new faces") and also booked jobs for established models—and believe me, beauty is why they model.… » 7/15/10 11:47pm 7/15/10 11:47pm